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A.L.M.S Christian Church is a growing ministry in the Greater Cincinnati area and home to Abundant Life Ministries, a non-profit, community based organization.

Our church was founded by Reverend Patrick Barrow and first lady Phyllis Barrow in September of 2007 and has since been steadily growing. On October 19th, 2008, God showed his glory as the congregation of A.L.M.S Christian Church entered the doors of their sanctuary located at 7979 Reading Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The mission of A.L.M.S Christian Church is to represent Christ through bible-based ministry, ushering those outside of the body of Christ into an enriched spiritual relationship with their heavenly father. Through our ministry, A.L.M.S Christian Church strives to provide the tools needed to equip believers in their Christian journey. As decreed in scripture, we are pressing toward the mark of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

 Through the vessel of Abundant Life Ministries and A.L.M.S Christian Church, our Pastor aims to break down the walls of "traditional religion. This is accomplished by focusing on establishing Kingdom relationship with our Father through teachings of the the Word of God. We also stand by the belief that God is universal, so our ministry should be as well. A.L.M.S Christian Church desires to be a source of global outreach, with the intentional mission to minister unto a diverse congregation of people from various walks of life.

Here at A.L.M.S Christian Church, we understand that though there are many parts of the Kingdom, there is only one body.



Christian Development
7: p.m.



Sunday School
10:00 a.m.

Morning Worship
11:00 a.m.